-And they need OUR help! Not just us, but you and you, you- over there! And you—ohhhhh you and your little dog too!

Here’s the deal: Our buddies over @frobrofilms, the writers/directors/producers/visionaries/artists/brothers behind one of our favorite films ever (Deadheads) are making a short film about the affable, lovable Cheese, played once again by the incredible Markus Taylor . The short film will take place prior to the filming of Deadheads, before he runs into Mike and Brent, before he hits the road in an epic tale of love, undeath, and friendship.

Here’s the second part of that deal: they need money. The best part about what these guys do is they create an organic film from the ground up and as they mention in the podcast they were on with us [hint: this one], that means they really start from ground zero. If anyone has ever been on an indie film project, you know this means they ask for people to help produce the flick via money, donating props, or even their living room floor for a few nights. It’s an indie project, people! And based off how well Deadheads did with everyone who saw it, The Movie Fools are behind these guys every step of the way.

Here’s the third part of the original deal: we need everyone to visit their Indiegogo page and donate some monies to the arts. It’s not a huge ordeal; they have different tiers of donation, each tier having an awesome kick-back reward as an extra “thanks dude”. Next, you need to pass that sh*t on and tell everyone to help out. Even if you choose to donate the minimum, it’s 5bucks- hell, even I can afford that kind of change.

Last part of the deal: if you haven’t seen Deadheads yet, hit up Amazon and buy a copy. Or bug the producer, Andy Drummond (@Mr_Drummond) and maybe you can strike some sort of deal where he screens a copy in your apartment for you and a group of small friends. In the buff. I’ll supply the popcorn.  Deal? Deal.

Now go! Again, here is the link to their Indiegogo. If you want more details, check it out. But have your credit card ready to go and get this ish off the ground!

Mike Out!

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