I’m just going to get it out there- I genuinely feel bad for Taylor Kitsch. His last couple of box office “attempts” have been meager, and I want to say it’s not his fault. Could be the director, the producers, the studios, etc, etc. We all know that list of people who tend to ruin movies. As far as being a lead, though, a lot falls on you to carry the film. John Carter was pretty alright, but wasn’t memorable; Battleship was, well, Battleship; and to be frank, his Gambit could’ve used A LOT of work. And a lot more Cajun flavor. Maybe he should’ve eaten crawdads and gumbo before each take, or something else fitting for the true Ragin’ Cajun.

I can’t be a true critic of the guy because I still haven’t seen Friday Night Lights, which essentially was the largest factor in securing his recent silver screen (successes). So in order to really give him a chance, I’ve decided to bust on into the show. I’ve heard great things and since it’s all already out on VHS, I’ll just head down to my local Blockbuster and check them out. 5 day rental-marathon, BEOTCH!

With that said, I’m really looking forward to his new flick, Savages, which opens up July 6. I have high hopes that, along with Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), he’ll be able to rise up LIKE A PHOENIX OUT OF THE ASHES. It seems already to be the film that Kitsch was bred for- raw action, explosions, masks, babes, John Travolta- basically, he’s got it all there for him to take this one back and have everyone try to put Battleship out of their short-term memories.

Oh, for the record, Savages looks pretty baller. Directed by Oliver Stone, no less, the film is about two drug dealers, which are BOTH banging Blake Lively, who get caught up in some nasty bull with some drug cartels that are moving in on their “turf”. As the trailer shows, they won’t pick-up what the cartels be puttin’ down, so sh*t gets real. ¬†Awesomeness ensues when they fight back, machine guns and Dia de Los Muertos masks and all. Let’s not forget about them ROCKET LAUNCHERS! And John Travolta seems to be popping up still, which shows the movie can’t be all that bad- I mean, have you even seen Face/Off?!

Also, I’m pegging it now: there is a lscene in the trailer in which Salma Hayek looks like she’s doing some real heavy breathing- 5$ (that is FIVE AMURRICAN DOLLARS) says she’s getting head. That’s my bet, you read it here first.



Oh, and everyone give LiveForFilms a big high five for the pic.

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