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  Enjoy your weekly dose of cat video! I don’t know how or why I started this, but the internet is incomplete without cat videos. I will be posting a weekly cat video every Thursday so keep a look-out! I’m really not a crazy cat lady…

[From The Journal of M.B. Snowden] June 9th, 2012. Short Date # 8. Kettle, Laura. Adam was late getting ready. He was playing another one of his video games again. DC Universe Online, I think. Monika was getting all of her camera stuff together, and Aldrin was 3DS-ing with some nerds down the hall when   

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You know what, this time I’m going to let Dave and Nanok do all the talking this time. They are perfectly capable of defending themselves and taking responsibility for their actions. That and One Republic ft. Timbaland. It’s called “Setting the Mood”. Happy Monday, everyone!

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