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I’m really getting into this writing thing. It’s fun, and gives me a moment to escape the everyday routine. And then that doesn’t make sense considering writing something everyday becomes part of the routine. Am I going to have to find something to do to escape from the routine of writing everyday?! Oh, wait, it’s called   

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We are back! It’s taken awhile, but it’s been a process. We went through multiple edits, etc, AND we had this one personally scored by our talented friend, Joshua Hendicks. So, it’s worth it. Also,  we get to see more of Alexis Nemeth in her Movie Fools acting debut. Get some, Nemeth! With the return   

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I know the featured image has nothing to do with this cat video, but just look at that huge pussy. The Keyboard Cat


Doctor Who season 7 premieres tomorrow! 

If you’re a fan of Nerdist or Doctor Who, you should watch this awesome video. Spoiler alert! The Doctor is not a very good bowler… yeahhh I know right.. Anyways, you should still watch this video and in case you didn’t know, Nerdist have more bowling videos with other famous people on their YouTube channel. Go check it out!


I’m sure most of you know about the existence of this AWESOME video. I don’t know what else to say about this video other than, it is probably the most awesome music video I have ever seen. I will not apologize for ruining your life and getting this song stuck in your head for the next few weeks, so listen at your own risk. A little known fact about this video, this guy went to Berklee College of Music therefore I’m a little jealous of him because that was my dream school.

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