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Doctor Who season 7 premieres tomorrow! 

If you’re a fan of Nerdist or Doctor Who, you should watch this awesome video. Spoiler alert! The Doctor is not a very good bowler… yeahhh I know right.. Anyways, you should still watch this video and in case you didn’t know, Nerdist have more bowling videos with other famous people on their YouTube channel. Go check it out!

It’s Comic-Con. From now until the late afternoon of Sunday, downtown San Diego is going to be a freaking mess of nerds, fanboys (and gals), and chaperons. In our absence, I know every one of you enjoying the bustling and overcrowded walkways will send us some of the Con Love. If not, I’ll find you.   

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I took a sick day yesterday. Being run down and just not feeling well, I decided to take a day to rest and relax- and catch up on some much needed trailer-time. Alex Cross Starring Tyler Perry as the hero/super star detective of the same name, I can tell you this: Hollywood is definitely having   

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