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Yesterday, I went hiking in Eaton Canyon. Located in beautiful Pasadena, CA, Eaton Canyon boasts fresh air, a good set of climbing trees, an (alright) waterfall, and most of all- annoying people who think this represents the outdoors. Yeah, I said it. Leave your iPods blaring your crappy music, your Uggs, and your 200$ pair   

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I’ve got my ticket, I’m wearing my awesome Spider-Man hoody, and I’m ten seconds away from getting a vat of soda, with popcorn to match. I don’t think words can justify how ready I am for this. I’m ready for the new Spider-Man, one that isn’t as sniveling and whiny as Maguire. He had his   

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WARNING: This is PUN HELL cover pic source Podcast: Play in new window | Download

      A Skrull snagged this one from Scouts honor, twas the Skrulls!