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This week the fools -1 sat down and talked to Miles Crawford, a super talented drummer/musician/dancer/director, and an all around fun guy to hang out with. We discuss all the things that Miles has been up to as well as talk about some movies as we are wont to do from time to time, seeing   

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Advanced Cat Yodeling – Brought to you by Engineers Guide to Cats. Seriously funny and entertaining! Check out their other videos on YouTube, you will not be dissapointed!

The Fools sit down with movie producer / Michiganite Andy Drummond to talk Expendables 2, random stuff, and Dead Heads on Showtime! SO! Get your listening balls locked on your speakers and prepare to have your shit rocked by an audio shotgun the size of a howitzer. This digital knife to the throat is brought   

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  Enjoy your weekly dose of cat video! I don’t know how or why I started this, but the internet is incomplete without cat videos. I will be posting a weekly cat video every Thursday so keep a look-out! I’m really not a crazy cat lady…

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