For the record, yes, the title is in Norwegian; also for the record, I didn’t have to look it up. Suck on that, naysayers (everyone from our earlier podcast “Hodejegerne“). Granted it’s one small sentence, there is a lot of ways to casually say it. To my dad, I’d say “Gratulerer med Dagen, Papa!”, which literally translates to “Congratulations with today”. It’s a general ‘it’s-your-day’ kind of phrase that you’d say to someone you know. If you didn’t, yes, “Glad Fars Dag” means, literally, “Happy Father’s Day”, but Norwegians are better than everyone and don’t need to confuse things with apostrophes.  Boomtown.

Also, I know I’m going to get flack for this: No, Dad, I do not want to kill you in an epic battle to rule our nomadic clan. Although, I think you should know- I could take you.


To all the Father’s out there,

Happy Father’s Day! 

I know I wouldn’t have been the same guy today if it weren’t for my Pappy. Now go, continue bbq’ing before the coals cool!

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