This is a tale almost as old as time- dude likes girl, dude asks friend for help, friend doesn’t really know anything about girls. Especially when he is a drunk friend that often thinks himself to be an epic adventurer.

I remember one time, and this could either be one of my own experiences or an episode of Full House, but I was trying to court a lady. No big deal, right? Right. Well, I console in my friend who had had worse luck with women than I had. In fact, they ┬ábased most of their experience from old movies and the cinematic sequences in video games. Being the young, naive and stupid boy, I listened to him. He told me to act like a jerk, be a dick, and pretend like she didn’t exist. At first, I’ll admit, it felt like it was working. I felt confident that she was going to go with me to the dance later in the week and maybe get some make out time. I asked her. She said no. I asked why. She said it’s because I was a being a dick.

Sick burn.

My sad, embarrassing dating life aside, here is this week’s Sunday Comic:

The Dilemma, Pt. II: A Maiden’s Best Friend!

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