So, I work at a coffee stand on a movie lot, right? Just recently, my management team has decided that in order to make the joint a “classy” establishment, we’ll stop selling the candy bars and little knick-knacks on a little side cart- and start selling expensive cupcakes. Everyone knows the pricier it is, the classier it is. Am I right? Of course I am.

The reason I bring this up is because as I was writing up the content for the comic, I was thinking how much I have begun to hate red velvet cupcakes, since those sell the most at work. Which means that when we are out, we have people complain to us that we don’t ever order enough red velvet and we should change that. Then we explain we don’t determine the flavor or quantity we receive each week, it’s one of those things we can suggest to management who does the ordering. Then they proceed to tell us we need to order more red velvet because they didn’t get one and they wanted something in the afternoon. And then I smile and say I’m sorry, even though I’m not because it’s entirely their fault for waiting until the last day of the week to come get a cupcake, especially after we’ve told them before that we get our first shipment of cupcakes on Monday, and by the laws of gluttony, those who wait don’t eat.

I just find it funny that when I first saw the comic a couple of nights ago, I noticed the red velvet…ness of said cupcake. Not 2 seconds later, Aldrin text me a simple message: “I want a red velvet cupcake”.

I don’t want to blame Aldrin for ruining my night with that f*c$ing reminder of how much I can’t stand 8hours of my life everyday…but I can. And I do.

Enjoy your Sunday Comic, folks. If you decide it has swayed you for a delicious treat, I pray you…anything but red velvet. In fact, I’m going to make a deal: If, IF, you have a cupcake shortly after reading this, tweet us @TheMovieFools, a picture of you enjoying your NON-red velvet cupcake, I’ll send you something nice; if you send me a picture of a red velvet cupcake, you must send me something nice. Deal? Deal.

Here are the rules, and they are very simple.

  1. there is a very limited amount of somethings nice, so be creative with your gluttony. the more creative the cupcake-shot, the better chance you have at winning something cool;
  2. it has to be a cupcake. no slices of big cake;
  3. if two of you are in the picture, you only get a singular cool something;
  4. no picture, no proof;
  5. you have until Wednesday, in whatever country you’re in, to partake in this Mission: Fun-Time.

That’s it! Now, Go get your cupcake on, my Fools!

Sunday Comic: There Ain’t Enough Cupcake For the Both of Us

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