Don’t tell me none of you out there had the same questions! Seriously, why was that face-hugger so freaking huge?! And what was that big-ass saucer  doing in the sky? Why? Why? WHY?!

We just recorded a podcast, last night actually, in which we discuss some of these questions. Though, admittedly, I was not nearly on the same level of  philosophical thinking as our guests. Clearly. I liked the pretty colors, the pretty ladies (even though one of them is a speculative robot *coughCOUGHCHARLEZETHERONCOUGHcough*), and the pretty flip-flop wearing android. I also liked the loud sounds and spaceships. So me, being on a much simpler level of expectations, was completely mind-effed throughout the movie, and even more mind-orgied during our conversation last night (this podcast will go up soon, by the way).

But seriously, who travels the unknown locations in unknown galaxies in only a merchant/exploration ship? ESPECIALLY if you think you might encounter some sort of advanced race? That’s just ridiculous! Even Jane Goodall was accompanied by military! And she hung around APES! APES! Not  the engineers of humanity as we know it!

Anyway, I’m getting frustrated writing this.


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