Supposedly there is a movie out there so ridiculous and asinine that the child actors used on the cover of the movie are not the same as those who are actually in the movie. Supposedly, this movie is so ridiculous that no one has been able to watch more than 10minutes of the film without either losing their shit- or turning off the movie and walking away.

Well, FRIEND, I have seen the entirety of Thankskilling, and I am quite possibly the only person to blindly purchase Daredevil and actually keep it in the deep recesses of their DVD collection.

The terms have been set: I must watch the movie, review it, and stay alive past 3 days. My challenger has promised a reward of sorts, but I can only assume that reward is a sarcastic ‘good job’ and the slight eye roll that screams “you wasted 90minutes of your life for nothing“.

The movie: The Phoenix and The Carpet, starring no one I have ever even heard of in the whispers of failed careers.

The Venue: my television, streamed via Netflix via XBOX Live.

The Time: Is Now (actually, when I get off work, sometime this weekend when I have the spare time to commit to nothing).

My friend:




ps: ¬†if you don’t know where I got this pic from, give up your life and discover Reddit.

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  1. You have WAY too much time on your hands……………..LOL

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