In today’s post, I give Adam and Mike a break and wrote this comic myself.  Drawing both from life and from the past, Hank goes off to hang out at the local bookstore/cafe to do some homework.  Back when I worked in retail at a to-be-unnamed book selling establishment, I used to post comics in the employee break room depicting our plight as book sellers.  I took characters from a comic idea I had back in college, starring a cast of animals from a place called Meadow 4.  I dropped the main characters Tempter, Enticer and Perfecter into a bookstore setting with a new Bear character based off of a plush doll we used to sell.  Together, they were the “Bestsellers”, working at “Bare Minimum Books”.  It was a good way to blow off steam after the many, many, MANY ridiculous interactions we had with customers.  Today, Hank becomes one of those customers, and brings the Bestsellers into the Movie Fools universe.

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