It’s Comic-Con. From now until the late afternoon of Sunday, downtown San Diego is going to be a freaking mess of nerds, fanboys (and gals), and chaperons. In our absence, I know every one of you enjoying the bustling and overcrowded walkways will send us some of the Con Love. If not, I’ll find you. I’ll find y0u and I will kill you.

HAHA just kidding! I just saw Taken the other day, so I’m all hyped up on everything vengeful.

…but really- you should sleep with one eye open.

ANYWAYS, in order to celebrate the awesome that is San Diego Comic Con,we are running a special series arc for all of you fools out there. Why? Because we know that half of SDCC is waiting in lines, and if all of your friends are busy waiting in line for Doctor Who panel, you’re going to need something to do. So each day, we’re going to release a fancy comic, fully colored and all! Aldrin has really been at it the last few days getting ready for the arc release. Yeah, he’s been practicing coloring inside the lines just. for. you. Do him a solid, eh? Pass on the goodness that is The Movie Fools to the Ewok in front of you, the Wolverine to your right, and the oddly shaped Altair behind you. We all know they smell, but hand them your phone and enjoy the goodness together. After all, Comic Con brings the world together. Know this.


Happy Comic Con 2012, San Diego. On behalf of all absentee nerds- We Salute You.




For the record, I borrowed the featured pic from this guy – Legit site with a bunch a wicked fan work. Everyone should check it out! (Hope you don’t mind!)

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