After PA2, I wanted to go a little more light-hearted with the film going. I grabbed another beer and flipped through Netflix. This is when Rango went scrolling by, and given Johnny Depp was finally in a movie without Papa Burton, I just had to check it out. To tell you the truth- I really liked it.

Rango is a chameleon-out-of-tank story in which an unnamed chameleon, played by Depp, gets slam-jangled into an entirely new environment and instantly thrown into a whirlwind adventure. Once being found by a roadkill Armadillo, the chameleon sets off to face his fate in the desert, or more metaphorically speaking, to fulfill his destiny.

Long story-short- damn. Everything from the animation, to the voice-acting, to the little bits of each character that made them extremely unique (yet somehow relatable in some way), Rango was a hit. One of my favorite parts was how they utilized the chameleon in the movie. Instead of just blending in with the new environment in the literal sense, Rango blended in with his extreme imagination and, as some might say, his rampant A.D.D. It’s the most I’ve related to a movie in a long time. Since….Spaceballs, I think. Yeah, I always considered myself to be quite the MOG.

Also, I was a big fan of the fighter pilot-bats that tended to explode into fiery balls of fire..and dead bat. I really enjoyed that part. Also, when Rango gets shot onto Hunter S. Thompson’s cadillac, and Depp reprised that role for a few seconds. That’s good television, son!

I would say the one BIG issue I had with the film was when Timothy Olyphant stepped in to voice an obvious Eastwood character. It wasn’t right, Olyphant’s voice isn’t as grizzled as Eastwood’s and the last time I checked, he played a near mute assassin as a title role in a major feature film. Sure, he rocks the screen in Justified,¬†and it’s actually one of my recent favorites to marathon while I’m working at night- but he’s no Eastwood. No offense, Tim, I love you. In that “Don’t go changing” kind of love. Enough said, right? Yeah…that’s about right.

So here it goes- Rango. You were fun and I enjoyed just about every minute of your animated goodness. Except for Olyphant. And how humans were ruining the small world of Rango with our golf courses and what not. Way to wake me up to the fact there are small villages of chameleons, rats, moles, and rattlesnakes that are dying because of my leisure time activities. Thank you, really.

Rango- it was darned good! Totally worth a freakishly enthusiastic high-five. Like, the chick whose chili you’re digging says “HEYO!” when you crit, and that’s the moment you realize you love her, and the only way to show such love is to yell “Haha, up top!” and offer her a high five instead of anything romantic. For any nerds and geeks out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about; for those who are looking for a sexual innuendo, you also know what I’m talking about. Up-top.



Hope you don’t mind,, I snagged the main picture from you. Friends?

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