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This week the fools -1 sat down and talked to Miles Crawford, a super talented drummer/musician/dancer/director, and an all around fun guy to hang out with. We discuss all the things that Miles has been up to as well as talk about some movies as we are wont to do from time to time, seeing   

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Dear Constituents -slash- Asshats, We, Scott and Logan, of the Freaking Movie Fools, have been infected with a terribly awesome fever. The fever of man-pride- the fever to save balls..I mean…for..balls..I mean..SHIT! BALLS! Yes, if you are alive and not a complete idiot, you’ll know it’s November. “What rhymes with November, dearest Movie Fools?” FUCKIN   

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Watch this and thank me later. This guy makes me want to play drums again, but also does the crash cymbal need to be that high up?


Doctor Who season 7 premieres tomorrow! 

If you’re a fan of Nerdist or Doctor Who, you should watch this awesome video. Spoiler alert! The Doctor is not a very good bowler… yeahhh I know right.. Anyways, you should still watch this video and in case you didn’t know, Nerdist have more bowling videos with other famous people on their YouTube channel. Go check it out!


I’m sure most of you know about the existence of this AWESOME video. I don’t know what else to say about this video other than, it is probably the most awesome music video I have ever seen. I will not apologize for ruining your life and getting this song stuck in your head for the next few weeks, so listen at your own risk. A little known fact about this video, this guy went to Berklee College of Music therefore I’m a little jealous of him because that was my dream school.

It’s Friday. If you still think it’s Thursday, well done sir, you drank yourself into a coma last night. For all of us not in vegetative states, tonight is the night, am I right? Right. Fridays are best for relaxing, going out, or a good mix of the two. For those who want to stay   

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