The best part about Los Angeles is that everyone know “someone”. Same goes for me- I know some people. Yeah, I know some people, alright! I know famous people, and non-famous people, and people-people. I even know a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. His name is, believe it or not, Grant. He doesn’t like people. It’s not his fault, though. They always make fun of his one-eye, and his one-horn, to the point where he just started eating all the nay-sayers. Fair deal, I think.


I know some people, very talented people at that, whom have just released their independent short on Vimeo. Now, not to brag or anything, but you know how their is always that friend of the crew that hangs out during the shoot, that has nothing to do with the production of said film? That was ME! So pay attention because you will never see or hear me in the film, but know- know- that I was there.

Back to it: these friends of mine are all very talented people and they put out a fun-ass video that I am going to present to you now. But First, Dinner is about a dysfunctional couple which attends a dinner party. Sounds fun, right? It gets better. No I’m not doing to tell you! No! I…because I said I wasn’t! Just watch the film! GAWD! Directed by Nina Elcao,  Dinner is 10 minutes of sheer well-doneness. It’s funny, it’s serious, and just darn-tootin’ out-of-this-world! Really check it out. Stop reading this and click the link. Do it. and then GET TO THE CHOPPUH!


But First, Dinner

Directed by: Nina Elcao
Written by: Scott Champion
Starring: Aaron LaPlante, Rachel Wolf, Mark David Mitchell, Maria Densley

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