Someone posed to me the bold statement that is as such:


Batman > Thor


Using their nerdery, fanships, and general know-how of technologically advanced humans and Norse Demi-Gods, I want to see what other people think. I want to see who would win in an all out brawl. Will pride for humanity prove too great for common sense, or will the clout of…clout provide a good insight as to who would come out victorious.

I’m going to say it. I think Thor could absolutely take Batman. Some might think the pen is mightier than the sword, but not when that sword is Mjolnir. No chance, homeboy.



  1. Snoodmonger says:

    Thor would obliterate Batman.

  2. Mike says:

    Freakin right he would. The common defense given to Batman is “his suit would be lined with rubber to deflect the lightning”.

    I call bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Even if he were to amazingly survive a barrage of lightning called down on his face, there is still one small thing he needs to worry about- ohshitImtalkingaboutfuckingMJOLNIR! A slap to the face with that thing would make every Batman in history regret donning the cowl.

  3. Christine says:

    Batman, hands down. Why? Because he is the SHIT.

    Done deal.

  4. paul says:

    batman has beaten everybody he has gone up against guys like darksied and superman granted thor does not have any glaring weaknesses batman would find away and i just wanna say this batman is tough to beat any way and if you give him a green lantern ring he is unbeatable his will power would be unmatched and he has worn one so dont say he cant wear one

    • MF Mike says:

      Everyone knows Batman has rocked the ring, and no, I won’t say he can’t use it; however, I’m saying that if Batman turned a corner and ran into Thor, incidentally spilling all of his groceries onto the ground- he wouldn’t have a chance to run to the cave to snag the ring, no? Thor, whom hates wasting food, would become enraged at the sight of his broken eggs and spilt beer, he’d instantly pounce on Batman, breaking every bone in his body. Now if Thor was drunk, visiting Gotham on business, decided to be a badass and break into Wayne Manor, then yeah, I can see Batman being a little more prepared. It’s all about the scenario. Given the different universes, it would take even Batman a few ticks to figure out how to play out a battle against magic. And Mjolnir. Holy shit. Batman’s face could be taken clean off….

      So yes, Batman has been able to overcome just about any and all of his rivals (and even some of his allies). I still think a matchup with Thor might prove a little more difficult for the Dark Knight.

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