Ben Webster and Greg Dow (McDinkle and Gillman, of  the Deadheads) have an incredibly effed up web series coming out. I really wish I could explain what the hell is going on in this promo.

But I can’t. I simply…cannot…

A P E S # ! T


What I can say is it looks insane and TOTALLY worth it! All you playas need to check it out, or I’ll find you and tape your eyes open, mindfcuk you, and then buy you an ice-cream cone to make up for the years of mental therapy you are soon to encounter.

They also have a Tumblr, which might provide more information on what the hell goes through their minds. Doubtful, but give it a shot. I triple dog dare you.

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  1. That’s hilarious. Gotta meet this Webster kid…………acts like a taller version of my youngest son. LOL!

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