Hey, would you look at that! The comic is up on time! Waddup, GUAC?!

I would think this week’s short Nanok would touch everyone, in that special place that we know so well. Yup, you guessed it- your mouth. I mean, let’s think about it for a moment, shall we?

You’re hungry. You’re poor, and you only have a microwave; you’ve eaten your share of Top Ramen. What’s next down the line of horrendously fattening foods but those delicious (and dangerous) pizza pockets. Those bastards KNOW once someone has reached maximum ramen capacity, the mini-pizzas are next for nukin’. So, here you are, you’ve nuked it and even though the BOX, and individual SLEEVE that cooks the PiPocket (like that? TOTALLY rocked that word mash up), your friends, and even that stupid little cricket on your shoulder tell you that sonuvabitch is too hot to eat right away- you eat it right away. What happens next completely dependent on the individual, but it’s usually something along the lines of anger, rage, and a lot of pain. Me? I yell at that mother-lover like they just slept with my girl. I let ‘em have it. I throw that d*ck on the counter, which is immediately followed up with a stern finger pointing, a lot of vulgarity, and eventually, a reconciliation. This is followed swiftly with a devouring, and a burping.

PiPockets ain’t got shit on me.

Anyway, enjoy the comic. While eating Top Ramen. Because let’s face it, pizza pockets are pompous. They need to be taught some humility.

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